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It's time to take command of your Talent Attraction and Acquisition strategy.



Yassss, Help Me Find Candidates!

We can't wait to get started!

It's a different era for recruitment.

...Time to flip that script!


We thought you'd never ask! 

We've been recruiting since Moby Dick was a minnow...since you were knee high to a grasshopper...since...before MONSTER! We know, the dark ages. But don't think of us as old, think of us as...aged. I'm not sure if that's better, but it makes wine cost more, so drink it in?


Here's the upside to our...longevity...we've lived through it all, and we know how to keep things moving, in every employment market. And believe it or not, we still have a few tricks up our batwing sleeves. 

Do you know anyone else offering 24/7 chat and interview options? We don't! Hiring Command understands that in today's employment market, the best talent acquisition strategies are the most innovative and accessible, so we are meeting the candidates where they are, and when they are ready to talk. 

Combining our 24/7 recruitment services with our award-winning design and recruitment microsite strategies allows us to offer a multi-dimensional array of touch points that will enhance ANY talent acquisition strategy.

wait. how do you do that?!

Image by Christin Hume
24/7 Candidate Chat

With 24/7 chat available on your own recruitment/careers page or a microsite we build for you, candidates can reach out and get connected in real time, engaging them in the process at the first moment of interest. Chat services include coaching and template responses for your team; as well as available support from our 24/7 team of qualified agents. The chat feature enables you to collect data and pre-screen candidates, getting them more quickly into the interview stage and allowing you to be highly responsive to candidate inquiries. When our team responds to your candidate chats, we’ll collect all of the data and provide you with pre-screened candidates.

Candidate Chat
Recruitment Booster Pack

The recruitment booster pack is a cafeteria-style plan, offering a wide range of engaging and effective "boosts" for your recruitment efforts. These boosts are focused on key components of recruiting in today’s environment: talent attraction and candidate engagement. Your booster pack may include any or all of the following:

  • Job Ad

  • Company Culture Audit

  • Careers Microsite

  • Video Ad

  • Web Site Content

  • LinkedIn and Facebook Social Strategy

  • Interview Questions

  • MMS Campaigns

  • Employee Blogs, Spotlights, and Testimonials

  • Virtual Job Fair

  • Targeting Strategy

  • Guerilla Marketing

  • Keyword Campaigns

  • Glassdoor Certification

Recruitent Booster
24/7 Interviews

Like the chat feature, 24/7 telephone interviews are a way to engage with candidates when they are most interested as well as most available. Hiring Command is here to provide supplemental or full coverage of first-round interviewing, allowing you to offer telephone interviews around the clock. Using the same interview questions, and recording detailed responses, creates a seamless experience for candidates, and an efficient workflow for your recruiting process.

Digital Recruitment Campaigns

No matter how strong your job descriptions, interview skills, and hiring processes , if you’ve not gone digital, the time is now. From web content and online careers pages to social media strategies, email marketing, and virtual communication tools: a well-executed digital recruitment campaign is a must for attracting a highly-talented, engaged, and diverse workforce. Our experienced digital marketing team is here to help!

Image by Mailchimp
Digital Recuitment
Candidate Search Services

Our retained search model is perfect for your unique management and leadership recruitment needs. When you’ve got big shoes to fill, our candidate search services are just the right size. This is a full-cycle service, providing support throughout the process. We’ll take on job description and job posting development, candidate sourcing, and first round screening, so you only need to focus on pre-screened and qualified candidates. We offer behavior-based interview question development as well as interview scheduling so you and your candidates get the most out of the interview process. Reference checking and offer letter preparation are available for your selected candidate. And best of all, your new hire is guaranteed. That’s right, guaranteed. If your new hire leaves your employ within the first 60 days, we’ll recruit a replacement at no additional charge.

Candidate Search
granville_sabrina_web_0 (1).jpg

"I am always impressed with the innovative and effective approaches brought forth by Hiring Command and The LMC Groups. No matter how the recruitment landscape changes, you are always at the forefront of solutions. Over the years, we have used a wide range of services with great, consistent results.

Thank you for your support!"

— Sabrina Granville, CHRO,

Tufts Medicine


"Hiring Command by LMC is my go-to for my challenging recruitment needs. I really appreciate their ability to source and recruit high quality candidates for critical leadership positions in my business. I rely on their discretion and professionalism, as well as their genuine understanding of our company. We have a real relationship, and I have peace of mind knowing I can trust them with our confidential and sensitive needs." 

— Kristina Bouweiri, CEO,

Reston Limousine

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