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Candidate Experience - 24/7 Candidate Chat

You are probably familiar with terms like User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), and you might even have heard of Employee Experience (EX). The concept behind all of these terms is that a person’s actual experience with your [software/product/service/store/work environment/culture, etc.] affects their engagement and satisfaction as a User, Customer, or Employee.

An important trend in Recruitment is to expand Employee Experience to the pre-employment experience of both passive inquirers – those folks who may be quietly "stalking" companies and their online presence with an open mind – as well as active job candidates. Think about jobseekers in the same way you do customers and potential users. The word "experience" goes even further to suggest not just the basics of how you market your career opportunities, but also what is the candidate’s experience with your brand from initial curiosity through the application, interview, and selection process.

One aspect of Candidate Experience that isn’t often addressed is the ability to for a candidate to connect easily with questions or to complete pre-screening at times that are most convenient for them, or even on-demand. Their interest may be piqued while casually browsing the web during a break at work, or while checking their social feed late at night. Whenever that moment is, imagine the ability to offer them a wow experience with a real-time, on-demand connection. Hiring Command offers you just that opportunity with our 24/7 Candidate Chat!

With 24/7 chat available on your own recruitment/careers page or a microsite we build for you, candidates can reach out and get connected in real time, engaging them in the process at the first moment of interest. Chat services include coaching and template responses for your team, as well as available support from our 24/7 team of qualified agents. The chat feature enables you to collect data and pre-screen candidates, getting them more quickly into the interview stage and allowing you to be highly responsive to candidate inquiries. When our team responds to your candidate chats, we’ll collect all of the data and provide you with pre-screened candidates.

Ready to upgrade your CandidateX? Get a quote and get started!

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